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Our transmitters are temperature safe and feature lightning protection and digital display.


We provide you with a free training session and a step-by-step guide the day of installation.

Underground Wire

We can fully customize a boundary that suits your needs, including front yard only, back yard only and loops around garden areas to prevent digging.

Boundary Flags

Flagging the perimeter for your pet(s) help establish a visual boundary to accompany the audible alert from their receiver collar.

Get the Best Underground Pet Fence Available

How Does it Work?

  • A small wire, approved for underground burial, is run along the perimeter of your yard.  The wire is connected to a small control unit (the transmitter), which sends the signal through the underground wire.

  • Your pet wears a special computerized receiver collar.  If your pet gets close to the wire, the collar beeps and administers a brief pulse.  In just a short time your pet learns to respect the boundaries that you have established.

  • Each receiver collar is specially programmed for your pet based on its breed, temperament, size, age and many other factors.  Each receiver is fully customizable.  For example, we are able to suit the needs of a Chihuahua and Great Dane on the same system.
Receiver in Action

The Pet Stop receiver will activate within a few feet of the wire. The dog receives a warning beep followed by a training pulse.